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I’m a huge fan of daily pages – not only are they a great way to keep track of my daily goals, tasks and reminders, but they provide a neat glimpse into what was going on in my life at any given time. I’ve played around with various formats over the years, and finally have a version I love well enough to share with you, lovely!

This hand drawn version is divided into the following sections:

  • Intention: This is where I put my intention for the day. Sometimes it’s a single word, such as “Peace” or “Gratitude”. Other times a bible verse or inspirational quote pops up here – whatever I want to keep at the forefront of my mind for the day.
  • Accomplish: These are my top 2-4 “Most Important Things”. These are the things that MUST get done today. Different than a running to-do list, these are non-negotiable tasks that need to be done.
  • Tasks: Some additional things that I plan (hope) to get done today, once I’ve accomplished everything in my “Accomplish” list.
  • Events: I do have items scheduled in my phone calendar, but I like the neatness of having everything on one page, so I usually will plug any appointments or meetings in here as well.
  • Nourish: My daily food, water and vitamin log. The top is divided into three sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to use this for logging what I actually ate, but you could also use for a quick glance at today’s menu plan.  I am notoriously forgetful when it comes to taking my vitamins, so I have a checkbox here to remind me. (Tip, if you take vitamins at multiple times through the day, you can divide the box into segments OR color code your checkmarks (e.g. Red check for AM vitamins, green for afternoon, blue for evening.))
  • Move: This is where I log my exercise for the day. If I’m wearing a pedometer, I’ll also log my daily steps here (goal is 10,000!)
  • Doodle: A little space to play and be creative – even if I do nothing else creative all day, I know I will make something happen here! Don’t be afraid to bust out your colored pens or pencils and go wild!
  • Notes: The blank box in the middle was originally intended for notes/reminders, but I’ve left it completely blank so you can put it to whatever purpose serves you best. Or you can leave it blank – sometimes it’s nice to have a little empty space in an otherwise busy day.

This page is designed to be printed in black and white (no wasting that expensive colored printer ink!), with a slight left margin if you’d like to hole punch it and put it into a binder. Please let me know any ideas or suggestions you have, I would love to hear from you!

To download the Daily Page template, just pop your email into the box below, it’s that simple!

[download file=”http://www.goodfigs.com/?page_id=31″ title=”Daily Page Download”]


Daily Page Download Now Available!

2 thoughts on “Daily Page Download Now Available!

  • June 23, 2014 at 3:02 am

    I love this daily format and cannot wait to use it!!! It is everything I have been looking for!

    • July 4, 2014 at 7:56 pm

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! :)


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