Bumps AheadEarlier this week, we had a random power outage, where half the power in the house was out. When I say half the house, I mean the fridge was out, but the microwave worked. The garage lights were out, but the washer & dryer worked. With two small kids home sick from school, having a fridge out was not ideal, and I wasn’t too keen on having to run a network of extension cords to turn things like my coffee maker on. It was inconvenient and annoying and, in the midst of suffering a case of pinkeye along with a bunch of work-related issues, I was in no mood to deal with it.

My dad, a certified electrician among other things, came by to test and, miraculously, mid-test everything started working again. (I joke with my dad; he has the magic touch when it comes to mechanical things, but this was over the top even for him!) We’d already called the power company, but when they showed up an hour or two later they still couldn’t find the problem at our panel. So next, they put in a request for a crew to come out and check the underground transformer. While the crew was out today (still unable to find the problem, power is flowing perfectly), they smelled a gas leak coming from our meter outside, right next to the boys’ treehouse. They called it in, and our utility service sent a crew out immediately to repair it. Had we not had the weird power issue, we may not have found out about the leak until the consequences were much greater.

Also earlier this week (and ultimately much more worrisome than my utility-related issues),  a friend of mine went in to have a cavity filled. This was her first cavity ever, which for me, having not been blessed with the good dental genes, is pretty impressive. She was not so impressed, however, particularly after finding out that, instead of a filling, the tooth would require a root canal. Unhappily, she scheduled the appointment and went to have her blood drawn for the routine, pre-op screening.

In processing her blood work, they identified an issue with her kidneys, one which will require a series of four dialysis treatments. The doctors have attributed this to some medication she is taking, and have explained the dialysis as a sort of “reboot” for her system. Thankfully, because they caught it early, she will not likely need long-term treatment, and permanent damage should be minimal. Had she not had her first-ever cavity, she may not have found out about this health issue until the consequences were greater.

Sometimes the bumps in the road are there to tell us to slow down, change our course, or to alert us to something needing our attention. And sometimes they just plain suck, and it’s hard to imagine any good can come out of them. But oftentimes, if you practice awareness and patience, you can look back on a “bad” event and see that it brought you exactly where you needed to be.

The above stories don’t even tell the half of it — overall this week was pretty bumpy, making me feel like I took a tumble through the dryer on the bulky cycle.  In fact, just last night I was complaining about how rough October has been and how I can’t wait for this month to be over. However, today I’m embracing the bumps and feeling grateful that, almost in spite of myself, I am exactly where I need to be.

Bumps in the Road

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