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Body: batteries used for electric cars and buses are actually terrible for the environment

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> Citation needed
  by lzell

> This thread starts with a claim that is sufficiently vague to be defendable. Ignoring all utility provided by batteries, they are in fact terrible for the environment. So is a refrigerator, a lamp, or pretty much any consumer product. If we consider batteries as only the cost (to the environment) of production and the cost of disposal, with no use in between, then batteries are terrible for the environment! Surely that is not what the poster is claiming, but if pressed too hard they can fall back on ignoring the utility to some degree. If the implicit claim is that batteries used for electric cars and buses are more terrible for the environment than the equivalent combustion engine and fuel it burns, which I believe is the implicit claim, then the claim is much harder to defend. Some supporting evidence, along with opposing evidence, is found here:
  by lzell

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