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Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, between 1992 and 2001 or 2002 -- this is the period of shock therapy where the actual Russian economy shrank dramatically -- during that period the total number of civil servants went from 1 million to 1.25 million lzell Show Edit Destroy
Leaded fuel reduced the IQ of everyone born before 1990 by ~4.25% lzell Show Edit Destroy
Jordan gets more aid from the United States than any other country except Israel and Afghanistan. lzell Show Edit Destroy
60 percent of independents disapprove of what Joe Biden is doing as president lzell Show Edit Destroy
A recent study in Bangladesh, which has yet to be peer-reviewed but is considered one of the most rigorous to date to tackle masking, linked wearing surgical masks with an 11.2 percent decrease in COVID-19 symptoms and antibodies, while cloth masks were associated with only a 5 percent decrease. lzell Show Edit Destroy
Post-MLK-assassination race riots reduced Democratic vote share in surrounding counties by 2 percent, which was enough to tip the 1968 election to Nixon lzell Show Edit Destroy
In 2020, women earned 82 cents to each dollar men earned lzell Show Edit Destroy

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